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Audiology is all about hearing... Your Audiologist is a specialist who has the right education, training and certification to diagnose, assess and treat hearing problems in people of all ages. She will perform a medically valid hearing test to determine if you have a loss of hearing and the likely cause of the loss. Some types of hearing loss require referral to a medical doctor for treatment. Some are corrected or dramatically improved through surgery. In rare cases, such as sudden hearing loss, immediate treatment by an MD may be indicated. Very rarely, a loss of hearing can be one symptom of a life threatening disease. Most often, your hearing loss can easily be treated by fitting you with hearing aids. Your audiologist is uniquely qualified to determine the type of loss that you may have and help you decide the best course of action based on your needs. Whether you suspect that you have hearing loss, or just need a routine hearing test, you’ll be in better hands if you insist on an audiologist.

Audiology…is certainly the major aspect of our practice, but it’s not the only thing we’re about. At Kenyon Audiology we manufacture and repair hearing aids of all types. We also make communications earpieces and custom shooter’s plugs for law enforcement personnel. Our specialty, though, is building tiny, Completely-In-Canal hearing aids. Since 1994, we’ve built thousands of CIC hearing instruments for our Central Oregon patients. These are not assembly line products. We don’t do mass production. We have a small lab, where our technicians painstakingly hand build each hearing aid with the same care and expertise that have gone into building the thousands that have come before. Our lead technician understands the problems faced by hearing aid wearers. He wears them too.

If hearing aid repair…is a cause of frustration in your life, we have good news. Our technicians repair most brands and types of instruments, many repairs are accomplished the same day and some problems can even be solved while you wait. No more sending your hearing aid to the factory, having to wait 2 or 3 weeks or more, and then having to pay as much as $350.00 for the repair. We perform many repairs for under $50.00. A full repair with a 6 month warranty is only $125.00 for most instruments. Best of all, our technicians inspect each aid to see if wax is causing the problem. If it is, a quick vacuuming will restore your instrument to like new performance. This is always a free service. Stop by and see us!

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